The Library Replacement
I can only imagine how much traffic libraries have lost since the Internet started to become popular. However, there are just some books that you can’t get on the Internet for free…but you can now get them delivered to your door. WhatsOnMyBookshelf let’s users trade books using a very clever system. Here is how it works:

  1. First, a member registers a book which receives a point value based upon its new book price.
  2. Then, a user requests a book by redeeming some of their credits.
  3. Finally, the sender ships the book, and once delivered, will receive the requester’s credits.

I think that this system may be slow to takeoff but it will gradually increase the number of users it has. It doesn’t use the traditional categories because it has a tagging system implemented which seems to be the popular thing nowadays. This allows users to give their opinion on how they thing the book should really be “categorized”.

There are currently 131 books on the site right now but I have seen the number fluctuate over the past day because trading is in progress.