Tux 500The Linux community has always been known to be very dedicated to the open source cause, and this is just more proof of that. Instead of just donating money to a Linux project, Tux500.com decided to take a different route (no pun intended) by promoting the operating system.

There will be a blue car bearing number 77 in the Indy 500 on Sunday with the Linux Penguin blessing its journey. The site’s initial goal was an ambitious $350,000 which would have gained them a primary sponsorship. That would have gotten the Linux logo plastered all over the car and the team name would contain “Team Linux” in it. However, they were only able to get about $16,000 raised which is considered a minor sponsorship, and so the Linux logo was placed on the front hood of the car.

For the next day and a half the Tux 500 site will still be taking donations, so if you have some money to spare I’m sure they’d love your help in covering more of the costs.

CNet also has a nice image gallery available if you want to see more pictures of the car in action. Otherwise you can tune into the Indy 500 on Sunday starting at 2PM Central Time.

Thanks to CoryC for the tip!