macbook air garbage that it mistakenly got thrown out! Gone, forever, in the land of stinky garbage. Apple has described what they’ve done with the MacBook Air as Thinnovation, introducing it as the world’s thinnest notebook. It sure is thin, ranging in size from 0.16 inches to 0.76 inches, not even a full inch at its thickest point. Of course its size is a huge advantage, but it will also be its disadvantage. Steven Levy over at Newsweek really understands that disadvantage after the MacBook Air he was reviewing from Apple got thrown out with the Sunday paper.

Can you imagine the panic that came over him when he realized that the $1800 computer he had on loan from Apple was gone? He describes what he went through in an article over at Newsweek,talking about how he searched all over his apartment and tried to re-trace his steps only to come up empty handed. Eventually he thought about the huge mess of papers he had sprawled out on his coffee table on Sunday (the same place his Air usually rested) after going through the New York Times and how his wife came to scoop them up and take them to the trash-compactor room down the hall from their apartment. After thinking it all through, he said, “as humiliating as it sounds, let me repeat: the MacBook Air is so thin that it got tossed out with the newspapers.”

Imagine the feeling of realizing that the computer was gone forever. Even worse would be the thought of calling Apple to tell them what happened. Lucky for him, one of the people he spoke with at Apple couldn’t stop laughing. This didn’t get him out of being responsible for the computer though. Newsweek, the company he works for, is now responsible and is paying Apple for an $1800 computer that is so thin, it vanished without a trace.