The Million Dollar Homepage - Real World Edition

Everyone has hopes and dreams of designing the next Million Dollar Homepage, but many of us just aren’t clever enough. If you aren’t familiar with The Million Dollar Homepage then I would be quite surprised. A few months ago it was all over the news because they were selling pixels of a Website for $1 per pixel. The developer of the site made plenty more than the projected $1 million and started to give other people ideas of similar sites.

Well, the idea has finally moved from the digital form and pushed itself into the real world. The building pictured above is in the Netherlands and the people are selling ad space to anyone that wants to buy it. For just 29x35cm of ad space you will have to fork out 19.99! That’s right, how much do you think some of those companies like Nike paid for the advertising space? Well they are taking up 380 tiles so it would be…a lot of money!