Just about everyone has said at one point or another “they don’t have a program to do this?” Now you can make that application yourself without ever having to write a single piece of code thanks to My Dream App!

The panel of judges will consist of “A-list Mac celebrities” such as Kevin Rose and Guy Kawasaki. All you have to do is submit your idea and they will decide the top 24 most marketable, innovative, and feasible designs. After they have chosen the top 24 it will be up to the public to vote the applications through.

The top 3 ideas will eventually be sold and the winners will receive an Apple MacBook on top of royalties (now that is sweet). The 3 runners up will also get a free Video iPod…at least you still walk away with something.

Maybe this will start a whole revolution to the design process of computer software. It’s like the American Idol for geeks!