blackberry 9000

We know a lot of our readers are owners of BlackBerry devices, and so many of you will be interested to get your first glimpse of the BlackBerry 9000, the latest device from RIM. Pictured above is the brand spankin’ new BlackBerry. I must say that the first thought that popped into my head was that it reminded me, in one way at least, of the iPhone because of the silver rim/border around the phone. This is something new for BlackBerry, none of their other devices had such a rim.

Aside from looks, Engadget Mobile points out some of the new features:

  • New interface – previous interface was “cartoonish” while the new one is more modern with wireframe icons
  • New “slick” animations
  • Features WiFi and HSDPA

For the longest time, rumor had it that the new BlackBerry device from RIM was going to be touch-screen and there were even mock-ups of what it would look like. As you can clearly see, there are the usual buttons that all BlackBerry devices have. RIM has stuck to what they do best, and that does not involve any fancy touch-screen. In the business-world, actual buttons is what a lot of people want versus an on-screen keyboard like what the iPhone features.

Compared to most other BlackBerry models, this one does seem to be a lot more curvy than others (even the BlackBerry Curve). Overall we’d say it’s the best looking phone to come out of RIM, now we’re just left wondering how it performs.

Source: Engadget