The New Monopoly
Monopoly, the ever popular game sold in 80 countries and distributed in 26 languages, is moving with the times. Parker Brothers is phasing out the traditional cash payment method that has been used since 1935 and moving on to electronic banking. Yes, that means a Visa debit card.

This whole concept came about because of a deal made between Parker Brothers and Visa. Visa designed the electronic machine that will be used during the game along with the mock debit card. The electronic machine will keep track of your funds as your earn and spend. And of course, the Visa logo is proudly displayed on the machine. Surprised?

I don’t know about you, but half the fun is the paper money! Sure, a survey tells us that 70% of adults use less cash. But, why change something that’s worked for so long? I swipe my real card all too much, no need to do it in a game! Keep the cash.