Apple running windowsEd Bott over at ZDNet wrote an interesting article yesterday asking the question, “Is Steve Jobs planning a hostile takeover of the Windows desktop?” This question he says, stems from the recent introduction of Safari for Windows. “Why would Jobs want Windows users to run Safari,” he asked.

Thus far people have been asking why users would want to use it, but he’s right, the real question should be focused on why Jobs took the time and money to develop Safari for Windows.

Most people will say that Safari was introduced to Windows because of the iPhone, and I’d have to agree. Bott on the other hand believes that Apple will start to sell their hardware with Microsoft’s software pre-loaded alongside OS X. And with that, they could replace all of the Microsoft apps for their own like iTunes instead of Media Player, Safari instead of Internet Explorer, iMovie instead of Windows Movie Maker. You get the idea…

Customers would save money because currently, if they want an Apple computer with windows installed, they’d have to purchase it at retail cost.  If it came pre-loaded, users would pay the costs for an OEM copy which is much cheaper.

While I don’t really see it happening, it’s an interesting thought.  If Apple offered such a thing in the Fall when Leopard is released, would you be a taker? I’ve heard many people say that Apple does make a solid computer, but that they prefer Windows. Perhaps it’s the perfect hardware/software combo?