It all started out as more of a joke and a way to get some attention and a few laughs.  Now it has Chris Fondell of Alaska Jewelry Inc thinking he needs to engineer a way to make this idea, The Remember Ring a reality.

So what is this idea? The ring, made for men will warm up every year before an anniversary, “reminding him that yes, he started wearing jewelry for a very important reason.” The temperature would start at 120 degrees farenheight and would continue getting warmer throughout the day right before the anniersary. The heat would last for about 10 seconds to give you that short but constant reminder that you better not forget!

The idea is that there would be no need for batteries because the micro thermopile would convert heat from your hand into electricity to keep it charged and ready to go.  I could see some people with a ring on every finger for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. ;)

This whole concept could actually really be a great idea.  With circuits continually getting smaller and smaller, what else could they fit into a ring?

News Source: Hacked Gadgets