The Ultimate Firefox Test: Installing Over 100 Extensions

After this test Firefox has proven itself to be the ‘Superbrowser’. This guy installed over 100 Firefox extensions (currently over 1100 available) and tested the stability of Firefox. He said that Firefox behaved itself very well and allowed the extensions to all function at the same time without any issues except the speed of Firefox. In his posting, he said:

It was really extraordinarily stable. The work of hundreds of programmers who had no idea their code would be used together, coexisting happily in the browser.

This is another amazing story of Firefox. Also, for those of you that are still waiting for the release of Firefox 2.0 Alpha then hopefully it won’t be too much longer. The meeting notes from February 21 don’t have any mention of a release date but many believe it should be soon.

News Source: Splasho’s Firefox Test