Firefox logos are abundant on the Internet but how many of them are actually correct? Some of them are obvious that they are not trying to go along with the standard Firefox icon, but I think you might be surprised at the strict details that Mozilla has in place for distributing their logo. First lets look at what the correct logos look like:

Just the logo with both a white or black background:

Firefox logo


The logo with side text:

Firefox Logo with Side Text


Now lets look at some of the ones that are not correct and what’s wrong with them, actually, we should make a game out of it. I’ll list the different logos (numbered 1 to 9) and you make a list of what’s wrong with each. Come on, you have done things like this as a kid. ;)

To reveal what is wrong either hover your mouse over the image or scroll down to the bottom where I have listed the answers with the corresponding numbers.










Here are the answers for what’s wrong with each of the above images:

  1. Strong colored background (duh!)
  2. Incomplete logo (it’s gotta have a globe!)
  3. Non-standard orientation and sizing of logo/text
  4. Incorrect logo/text size ratio and position
  5. Missing the shadow (this one was a bit tricky)
  6. Incorrect font color
  7. Incorrect font face
  8. Strong pattered background (you should have learned your lessen from the first image)
  9. Incorrect colors


I hope you had some fun with that and even I’ll admit that I couldn’t figure out number 5 without looking at the answer. Be honest…did you figure them all out without cheating?