Million Pennies It has been a pretty big week in terms of milestones. It’s not all that often that sites and applications are able to boast their millionth milestones, and so I thought it would be fun to point out all of the things that have happened in the last 7 days:

  • Firefox hit 400 million downloads – This is big news for the browser who currently has the best shot at soaking up some of Internet Explorer’s market share. They’re currently getting hundreds of thousands of downloads per day!
  • MySpace registers 200 million users – With a reported 230,000 new registrations everyday this number doesn’t come as a surprise. Of course you’ve got to ask yourself how many of these accounts were created for spamming purposes? [via Mashable]
  • Wikipedia boasts 2 millionth English article – It’s hard to believe that after the first article was published back in January 2001 we are already at the 2 millionth article! What was the lucky article? El Hormiguero! [via Digg]
  • My Opera breaks the 1 million member mark – The My Opera community site is a place with over 200,000 blogs, 3 million photos, and an extremely active forum. From what I’ve seen they’ve been doubling the number of registered users every year, and so their future is very bright. Plus the new Opera 9.5 will require a My Opera account if you want to have your data synchronized. [via Opera Watch]
  • Apple sold its 1 millionth iPhone – It took just 74 days for Apple to get 1 million of these bad boys out the door! [via Apple Press Release]

I can’t believe how many milestones there have been in the last week, but I guess that it a big indication that the Internet is booming. Hopefully these sites will continue to be successful!

And as a fun fact I had thrown in the image of what one million pennies would look like when stacked up against an average person. I got the image from the MegaPenny Project where they compare huge numbers of pennies to everyday items. See what one quintillion pennies look like when stacked up alongside the Sears Tower.