Firefox logo

I’m not sure if this is really the world’s largest Firefox logo but I would have to say that it is pretty close! It weighs in at 9.66MB and stretches 20502 x 19839 pixels. I mirrored the image on FileHo because I didn’t want to link to the private server that Jake sent me in the tip. I furiously tried to upload it to a photo service but Flickr only allows 5MB images for free accounts and AllYouCanUpload errored out each time despite it being a restriction-free photo service.

Once I had the image on my PC (as pictured above) I tried opening it with the Windows Picture Viewer but that crashed Vista. Then I decided to try Firefox and it slowly opened it. It took about 4-minutes for it to completely render and scale the image to the browser window, but the funny thing is that it didn’t scale it proportionally:

Firefox Logo in Firefox

Eventually after it finished loading I was able to expand the image to its normal size. The scrollbars were still extremely small on my 24″ monitor (with a resolution of 1920 x 1200). I scrolled to a portion of the image that we would all be able to recognize…the nose. Here is what the nose looked like after I scaled it to fit this blog (the dimensions of the original screenshot before scaling was 1642 x 1084):

Firefox Logo

The nose was originally three times that size! For comparison sake here is a smaller version of the logo:

Firefox logo

I was pretty amused by this. You can always play with the image yourself by downloading it here.

Thanks again for the tip Jake!