Gets Their eBay Auction Pulled

Just yesterday I had written an article on selling themselves on eBay for a fundraiser technique to pay for their new $12,000+ server. The auction didn’t last long because eBay was quick to pull it. The reason why we think it was pulled was because in the listing they said “we’ve decided to go prostitutes on you and sell ourselves for money”. I would imagine that would throw up some red flags at the eBay headquarters.

They didn’t throw the towel in though. They decided to take a new approach to the eBay auction this time. Now they are officially selling a T-Shirt and “Anyhow, if you win this auction you will receive the ‘honor’ of paying your own fare to Stockholm, Sweden, and pay for all your own expenses (i.e. hotel, food, 1337, whatever you’re into). You will also get to treat the seller to a nice dinner in town with pleasant conversations about happy times and joy-joy feelings. And yeah, we need something to wash down the food with as well.”

The starting bid is at $2500, bud don’t forget, you have to pay all of the above fees as well!

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News Source: Slyck