Back in April we informed you that The WB, the TV network that was shutdown in September of 2006, was preparing to make a comeback sometime this year but as a website. we said, would cater to those who enjoy re-runs of shows like Friends, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, and more. Sometime today, the site will go live, and shows will be available to watch for free (they will be ad-supported).


NewTeeVee was able to get a peak at the new site before launch and their reaction was, “Though the content is good, the confusing interface makes one think that the WB actually stands for “Why Bother?”

Ouch! Why bother? We haven’t been able to test it ourselves to say if the interface is that bad, but hopefully it’s not. Time Warner, owners of seem to understand where they need to be, that there are other places that people like to watch TV, so hopefully they’ll be able to pull this off.

Look for it to launch later today…