RyanandigraduationBoth Ryan and I are pretty personable people. We like to interact with the community here and elsewhere, and we like to understand and get to know our readers. Similarly, we’d like our readers to know a little bit about us too!

The idea for writing a post with some random facts came from Kyle over at Kyle’s Cove who took some time to let his readers know a little bit about himself. We thought it was a great idea, so without further ado, here are a few things you may not know about Ryan and I (The picture is of Ryan and I when I graduated from college).

  1. We’ve been married for four years and currently live in Ames, Iowa. No kids yet.
  2. To help pay our way through college, we ran an eBay business on our own where we listed and shipped hundreds of items every week.
  3. Our mornings typically start at 6:30 where we wake-up and head over to the gym for a morning workout. Then it’s back home to get started on scouring through our feeds to look for news. We typically work from about 8:30am to anywhere between 6:30–7:00pm, sometimes later.
  4. We’re cruise fanatics ever since the first one we took for our honeymoon. We’ve been on four thus far and can’t wait to see more places!
  5. On the weekends, you can typically find us at the local lake attempting to catch fish, although this year so far, the fish haven’t been too friendly with us.
  6. We’re originally from the Chicago area, and yes we are HUGE Cubs Fans (one of these years, they’ll go all the way, I just know it!) and Bears fans.
  7. Ryan has a degree in Computer Engineering and I have a degree in Elementary Education from Iowa State University. Go Cyclones!
  8. We’ve never seen any of the Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movies (and yes, we’ve already been harassed for this). Recently we’ve gotten into seeing a few movies every month which we usually talk about in the forum.
  9. Ryan loves to play basketball and has an obsession with Spiderman.
  10. Recently we bought rollderblades which we’re trying to re-teach ourselves how to do because it’s been about 10 years since we’ve done it!
  11. I’m really into music. I love to listen to it, and play the piano.
  12. One of our favorite desserts is called “better than sex cake” – funny name, but it’s good stuff!

That’s a little bit about Ryan and I. This is normally one of those “tag” posts where you tag blogs to do the same. We’re going to do it a little bit differently because we’re tagging ALL OF YOU! We’d like to get to know you, so let us know a few things about yourself in the comments. How hard is it to say something about yourself? Or, if you decide to do something like this on your own blog, just drop the link in the comments. So go on, let us know at least one thing about you… :)