There’s been a lot of Buzz lately about the new Mac OS X Leopard and simply Mac computers in general that have caused Windows users to sit back and contemplate making a switch. The New York Times wrote a great article about making the switch and whether it’s right for you.

Back in the mid 90’s when my family owned a Mac, all I remember about the entire experience was the lack of programs available and the difficulties we had trying to find accessories. At one point we needed a new mouse and went to Best Buy to purchase one only to find they didn’t carry a mouse for Macs. I also remember the computer constantly freezing up. When I made the switch to a PC I thought I’d never go back. Thus far I haven’t, but all of the recent comparisons have me wondering just how much the Mac has improved since my experience with it.

So how has the Mac improved? Their latest operating system is more stable and secure than previous versions. Software wise, there are over 12,000 applications that have developed since 2001. While it is still less than the PC it is considerably more than before. If you’re into gaming, it’s still lacking there; otherwise most major applications are available. Regardless, there have been major improvements in the software department that seem to keep current users satisfied.

There are even ways to run Windows on the new Macs. One of the programs the NY Times mentions is Parallels Desktop. You’re able to run both Windows and Mac OS X Tiger. This program allows you to copy information between the two operating systems and share files and folders. Another option for running Windows on a Mac is an application called Boot Camp. It’s a free utility that Apple is testing in beta. The only downfall with this is that the two operating systems can not be simultaneously running. One has to be closed down before the other can open.

Of course there are other aspects to consider before making the switch such as the hardware, the cost, and simply what it would take to get used to another operating system. It’s been years since I’ve played with a Mac, and I thought I’d never go back but the recent buzz has me curious!