Black Friday Bet you didn’t know it was possible to copyright prices but apparently Best Buy must have some smart people working for them. Maybe they haven’t done it officially but they are claiming that they have. A few days back posted a text-based list (Google Cache of the page) of the sale items that Best Buy will have for their “Day after Thanksgiving” sale. No big deal, right? There are all kinds of sites that have done this but it looks like Best Buy decided to target them. This is what has to say about the message they received:

BestBuy has threatened to file a take down notice with our ISP under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) due to our posting of the BestBuy Black Friday ad. While we believe that sale prices are facts and not copyrightable, we do not want to risk having this website shut down due to a DMCA take down notice. Because of this, we have removed the BestBuy Black Friday ad from the website as requested.

Best Buy is using the DMCA as their force behind making them take down the price list, which is essentially saying that the site is partaking in copyright infringement? I found that to be extremely amusing because there are many other sites with similar lists, such as Actually, even has a full ad scan up in PDF format! Just in case the ad scan gets taken down I have gone ahead and uploaded it to MediaFire.

I think Best Buy should have just left things alone because what’s the worst that could happen by having your ad available to millions of people a few weeks early? Wouldn’t that just create more excitement and demand for the items they are going to offer?