Vista Leopard Suck Oliver Rist, an editor at PC Magazine, decided to take a new perspective on the who Vista sucks theme going around. Normally I just pass right by these articles, but his really caught my attention by saying that Leopard is the New Vista. The article, to say the least, is hilarious. Checkout my favorite parts of the article:

What makes it worse is this convoluted argument that my Apple friends give me: They’re more upset at Microsoft on account of it being in perpetual service pack limbo because Vista was supposed to be a ground-up redesign, whereas Leopard is really just a juicy point release. That makes zero sense to me. As far as I’m concerned, they both suck.
For Leopard, the sad bundled app-as-feature is Time Machine. To hear Mac moonies tell it, this is the best thing to happen to backup since the letter b. In reality, however, it sucketh and it sucketh huge. Okay, the screen looks like Star Wars. That’s cool in an I-want-to-stay-a-virgin kind of way.
Okay, I probably had a little too much coffee this morning, but Leopard really is just one big popped balloon of disappointment. Let’s get it straight, however: I’m not any more against Leopard than I am against Vista. Both of them got too much wrong. I’ll close with a little tidbit for that pudgy PC guy in the Apple commercials who’s so sad because his users are “downgrading” to XP. Well, maybe they are–I know I did. But I’m writing this on an XP workstation right now because my Mac is busy reinstalling Tiger. Leopard can keep its glitzy crash-prone spots. I’ll stick with the OS that really “just works”–for now.

Having not tried Leopard myself I can’t criticize many of the aspects that Oliver does in his article, but it was entertaining to read nonetheless. I guess what we can take out of the article is that all operating systems suck when they first come out?

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