JoostlogoWe love giving things away, even if it’s a free invite for Joost! I know there are lots of people who are wanting to get in on the Joost beta, which is why we give away our invites as we get them. Unfortunately it’s only been 8 so far. Luckily Kassad, one of our readers, has offered his three invites to other CyberNet readers.

The first three people to leave a comment below will get an invite sent to them by Kassad. Make sure you leave your email address in the email field of the comment.  This is not displayed publicly.

If any of you have Joost invites that you’d like to give away, let us know! We gave Kassad three stars per invite to show our appreciation. You earn stars automatically every time that you comment. You can also earn stars for sending us tips on news or great sites that you come across that you think people will enjoy. If we write about your tip, you get stars.  To become an all-star, you need 125 stars total.

Right now we have 6 active (commented within the last week) all-stars who have a total of 1,424 stars among them. A big thanks to our All-Stars and everybody who contributes to the CyberNet community. :)

Remember, there are only three invites. 

Update:Max has just offered three invites as well! Thanks Max. The next three people who commented will get those.:) Update 2: tafkajp has just offered two invites. The next two people who comment will get those.