My Dream App Mac

If you haven’t heard of the My Dream App Contest then you are probably not a Mac user. This contest was cleverly started with the hopes of bringing someone’s dream application to reality. They’ll pick out 24 finalists from the 2700+ entries that they have received and here are the first three that they are presenting to us:

  • Herald is an RSS feed aggregator that lets users package news from their favorite sites sharing a topic together as a virtual newspaper, with different sections of the newspaper representing separate RSS feeds. Herald features an iWeb style, easy to use interface for creating these newspapers, and makes it just as easy to share them and download other people’s creations. You can read the full idea here and check out Bogumil’s first blog post here.
  • Stick-It is a modern update to the Stickies apps of old. Forget about their current implementation. Stick-It attempts to recreate how we really use stickies, by allowing users to stick relevant notes all over OS X, whether it is on apps, within menus, or attached on the desktop. Need to email someone? Add a sticky to Mail. Have someone you need to talk to? Place a sticky in your iChat buddy list. And Stick-It allows for much, much more. You can read the full idea here and check out Anders’ first blog post here.
  • Desktop Wars brings the battlefield to your desktop, and is one of the few activities where the procrastinators win. With Desktop Wars, control armies of troops via mouse controls, voice commands, or even by shaking your motion-sensing laptop, and play several modes including capture the base and skirmish. The real fun of course begins when Desktop Wars is played on the network, and you attempt to take over your friends’ desktops. You can read the full idea here, and check out Andrew’s first blog post here.

The first bunch of finalists sound like they could turn out to be very promising programs. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a contest like this startup for Windows or Linux apps. Developers get a quick idea of what people are looking for and the how highly demanded it is.

After the 24 finalists have been chosen they will put the decision in the hands of the public. The top 3 voted applications will then be turned into real applications. I’m not a Mac user but this is pretty fun to watch.