Batch Create Image Thumbnails with ThumbGen

Making image thumbnails in bulk can be a rough process. Until now I’ve used Easy Thumbnails to batch create the thumbnails on Windows, but I just found a program called ThumbGen today that is extremely simple to use.

With ThumbGen all you have to do is drag over the images from Windows Explorer that you want thumbnails for. Then you pick the constraints on the dimensions, the prefix/suffix, and the resulting file type (JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG). That’s it!

I’ll admit that it isn’t as full-featured as it could be (can’t add a watermark, border, etc…), but it’s free and straightforward. I also think that there should be a portable version of this offered since it is a mere 451KB download, and it only adds a handful of files to your computer (It does save some settings in your Windows profile though). I’d love to carry this thing around on my USB drive.

If you’ve got a better batch thumbnail creator that’s free be sure to let us know, but ThumbGen is looking pretty darn good.

ThumbGen Homepage