Tip Of The Day: Recovering Your Lost Firefox Bookmarks

As much as we all hate to say it, sometimes it does happen where your bookmarks will just disappear in Firefox. Luckily, Firefox 1.5 makes automatic backups of your bookmarks each day. The only time that I have ever heard of Firefox losing bookmarks was after the installation of an extension. So this isn’t a huge flaw or anything in Firefox, it is just a safety measure to reassure people who have thousands of bookmarks (you know who you are!). To recover them couldn’t be any easier:

Firefox 1.5 creates daily bookmark backups and stores the five most recent “bookmarks-(date).html ” backup files in the “bookmarkbackups” folder, located inside the Firefox profile folder. You can restore your bookmarks in Firefox 1.5 using either one of these methods:

Method 1

Replace the current “bookmarks.html” file in the profile folder with a renamed bookmark backup:

  1. Close Firefox
  2. Rename the “bookmarks.html” file in the profile folder to “Xbookmarks.html”.
  3. Copy one of the bookmarks-(date).html backup files to the profile folder and rename it “bookmarks.html”.
  4. Restart Firefox

Method 2

Import one of the bookmarks-(date).html backup files using the Firefox Bookmarks Manager (“Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> File -> Import… -> from File”). You can then move the imported Bookmarks Toolbar Folder contents, if you wish, to the current Bookmarks Toolbar.

News Source: Digg