Super Bowl XLII was yesterday where the New York Giants just barely squeezed out a win over the undefeated New England Patriots. Like every year there is a lot of focus on the commercials that air since companies are paying millions for a mere 30 second spot.

As you would expect all of the videos have been put up on YouTube, and they are currently accepting votes for what viewers believe is the best Super Bowl commercial. The winning commercial will be displayed on YouTube’s homepage on February 12th for the entire world to see!

We thought that it would be fun to put together our very own top 10 Super Bowl commercials from 2008. We’ve assembled a “YouTube viewer” below to make it easy to switch between the videos, but it only works if you have JavaScript enabled. In no particular order here are our top 10 funniest Super Bowl ads:

E*TRADE Baby (Trading) E*TRADE Baby (Clown)
AMP Energy Drink Bud Light (Flying)
Bud Light (Love) Bud Light (Cheese)
Career Builder FedEx
Pepsi (Nodding) Pepsi (Magnetic Attraction)

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