Top 10 Most Common Passwords

Ahhh, passwords. The heart and soul of our cyber world. Many people don’t ever change their passwords which may be fine unless you see your password on this list. Here is a list of the top 10 passwords (see source below for more information on each password):

10. ‘thomas’ (0.99%) 9. ‘arsenal’ (1.11%) 8. ‘monkey’ (1.33%) 7. ‘charlie’ (1.39%) 6. ‘qwerty’ (1.41%) 5. ‘123456’ (1.63%) 4. ‘letmein’ (1.76%) 3. ‘liverpool’ (1.82%) 2. ‘password’ (3.780%) 1. ‘123’ (3.784%)

Many of the samples were taken from the UK if that makes any difference. I would agree that many of those are probably the most common in the United States as well, like “password” (last I heard it was the number one but that must have been from a different survey). However, in the United States a password like “liverpool” would probably not be as popular :) .

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