Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander) is a Windows Explorer replacement that has just about all of the features you could ever want. Now after more than 7 months in the works version 7 has been released with a lot of great features, including a slightly new look.

Total Commander 7

First and foremost I would like to add that this is not a free application. It does cost $34, and for your money you’ll receive the latest version on CD along with a quick reference card that you can use to lookup some of the functions and keystrokes that make the software so popular. Then you get free lifetime updates to all future versions.

Now I don’t own a copy of this software, and to be honest today was the first time that I had installed it. However, I know a lot of people who swear by it because they have been using it for upwards of 10 years, which is why I wanted to write about it. Here are some of the most talked up features that Total Commander has:

  • Comparing files with the built-in text editor
  • Synchronize directories
  • Split/combine files
  • Search for duplicate files
  • Bulk rename files
  • Built-in FTP manager
  • Can ZIP files, and can unpack ZIP, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ,CAB, RAR and ACE files.
  • Lots of addons/plugins available

So what’s new in version 7? Here’s a short version of the list that’s quite long:

  • Separate background color can be set for odd and even lines
  • Compare by content now allows to edit files, and to re-synchronize manually
  • File operation logging
  • Multi-rename-tool: Allow to edit target names
  • More options in copy overwrite dialog: Compare by content, Rename target, automatic rename, copy all smaller or all larger
  • Sort by additional columns, e.g. by size, then by date/time
  • Auto-complete path in command line, current directory, copy dialog etc.
  • Use Shift+Del to remove unwanted entries from various comboboxes: Command line,
  • Secure FTP over SSL/TLS.
  • Custom user-defined commands for main menu and hotkeys
  • Alias commands for the command line for internal commands or external programs
  • When a copy/move/delete/create directory operation fails due to insufficient rights, ask user whether he wants to copy as administrator. Also allow a user to read from an inaccessible directory if he knows the administrator password.
  • Search on FTP servers

So if you’ve used Total Commander before, or own it, let us know what you think about it. My experience is limited to about the 30-minutes that I played with it today so your personal opinion is highly welcomed. I’m just not sure if the application is worth the $34 considering that I have individual programs which can do much of what Total Commander includes (compare files, rename files, FTP, zipping files, etc…).

Total Commander Homepage