Track shipments

Wouldn’t you like to have a central interface you can use to track the status of the packages you are waiting to get delivered? That’s exactly what the free web-based PackageTrackr service was designed for. With it you can enable notifications so that you get an email/SMS/Twitter alert when the package is delivered or when an exception occurs. Alternatively there is also an RSS feed available for your packages that will keep you up-to-date on any changes.

PackageTrackr understands that it can kind of be a pain to copy and paste tracking numbers into the website, which is why they let you forward on emails that contain tracking information, and it will automatically parse out the data. All you have to do is forward the emails to Keep in mind that if you’re worried about them being able to see sensitive information in your emails you can always strip out everything besides the tracking number before forwarding it on.

If you have an iOS device there is a free companion app available for PackageTrackr, but Android users aren’t completely out of luck. There is a great mobile site available that will still provide a quick overview of your shipments.

One of the really unique aspects they have available is a bookmarklet for your browser that will list out all of the tracking numbers found on the page you’re currently viewing, and it lets you select which ones you want to track. It’s a convenient way to add shipments you want tracked without needing to forward on an email.

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