If you are working on a bunch of different projects it might be nice to know how much time you are spending on them… especially if it’s for work. The free Windows app called WatchMe tries to tackle that issue by providing a countless number of alarms that can keep track of your time. You can also assign alerts to them as well so that when a certain amount of time has been reached you will be prompted with an alert that can take the form of a message box, sound, or an application launching.

WatchMe only offers timers that count up, which makes it more like a stopwatch. This app works well for projects because you can create multiple tabs and associate each one to a particular project. You can then set up timers for each of the different parts of the project. Towards the bottom of the screen you can also see a sum of all your timers that serves as a good overview of the project.

I think it would be nice to see the developer add a countdown timer to the mix to make this a little more versatile, but in a way you can already replicate that functionality using alerts. Just create a new timer, right-click on it to add an alert, and set the duration you want it to run for. Then just set the alert action to Stop the timer when the time you specified has been reached.

WatchMe Homepage
[via Lifehacker]