When a new version of a program becomes available, so many of us are quick to download the updates to see what’s changed or what is better. While getting the latest is typically a good thing, sometimes it’s not. Maybe there are compatibility issues or other problems which require you to return to a previous version. When you want an older version of a program, at times it’s difficult to track it down. I have come across two different websites that make finding and downloading previous versions of software easy; they are versiontracker.com and old-versions.net.

Version Tracker

Version Tracker is organized nicely and divided into 4 different platforms: Mac OS X, Mac OS 8/9, Windows, and Palm OS. This makes searching for software easy. They also organize updates into categories like audio, educational, games, graphics, etc. The amount of software to search from is insane and they update previous versions regularly. This is probably the greatest thing about it. For each download, they provide a lengthy list of the changes that were made. One downfall is that they do not host the download files themselves. For example, I clicked on a previous version of Skype that I wanted to download. When clicking to download the file, it forwarded me to Skype where only the latest version was available.

Old Versions

Another website is old-versions.net which doesn’t have nearly the amount of programs that Version Tracker has, but the ones they do have are pretty common and probably the most widely used. They organize into categories such as internet, communications, and security. You can find well known programs such as Firefox, Opera, WinRAR, Winamp, Acrobat Reader, etc. They actually host the files themselves so you’ll have no problem getting the version that you want. While they lack the vast amount of software to choose from like Version Tracker has, you can be sure that you won’t have a problem downloading the file that you need as you won’t be sent to the developer’s site for the original download. If you have any reason to track down a previous version of software, try versiontracker.com or old-versions.net. Between the two sites you’re bound to find and get the download of what you’re looking for.