youtube time machine history.pngIt’s Friday, and you’ve gotta be looking for a great way to kill some time. Right? Let me introduce you to the YouTube Time Machine. It’s exactly what it sounds like. There is a timeline along the top that you drag to the year you want to review. It will then pull in videos that users have submitted that cover something from that year. Simple.

You can also filter out the kind of videos that are displayed along the right side of the screen. The categories include video games, television, commercials, current events, sports, movies, and music. It’s a great way to find that classic McDonald’s commercial or a clip from the 1969 NBA finals.

At this point you won’t find every highlight from the year, but the site lets users submit clips from YouTube to be added to the respective section. With that in mind this could become a great way to review historical events over the years, and I’d love to see user contribution help the site grow into an extensive time capsule. As it stands right now most years only have 60-100 videos… meaning there is plenty of work to be done.

YouTube Time Machine Homepage
via DownloadSquad