Trick To Get Your Or

UPDATE: This trick does not work anymore. They have taken down the page you need to use in step 5.

Neowin has published a great trick on how to get your addresses today without waiting until Tuesday, which is the official release date. Here is the trick:

  1. Go to register an passport account with a NON-HOTMAIL/MSN email address
  2. Sign in to with your passport that you just registered.
  3. Paste into address bar.
  4. Edit your registered information, input your birthday (18+) and change your Country/Region to ‘United States’.
  5. Paste to address bar, then your can change your passport to


  • If you do not change to US (skip step four), you’ll get domain address
  • If you change to ‘China’, you’ll get domain address
  • If you change to ‘Korea’, you’ll get domain address and so on…
  • It seems like Windows Live Mail only works with addresses at the moment
  • Please note that after migrating to domain, your previous NON-HOTMAIL/MSN email address will no longer be associated with passport
  • Currently, it only works for NON-HOTMAIL/MSN email addresses (in Step 1)

Make sure that you read the notes above because that will answer most of your questions. Enjoy this trick while it lasts!

News Source: Neowin