So tomorrow is the big day…April Fools! I know I know, you haven’t had anytime to shop around for that perfect trick for your friend, but that’s okay because I’ve got you covered. :)

I was hunting around for some great April Fools software today when I came across RJL Software. They actually have a small section of the site dedicated purely to April Fools Day pranks that you can play on your friends. Here is a prime example that pretty much explains it all:

April Fools

That is the Add/Remove program download that they offer which will popup with the window on the right. The only option that is really available is the “OK” button, and once you press that button it will start going through the software installed on your computer and make it look like it is removing it all. In reality it isn’t doing anything, but the whole time I’m sure people would be panicking. In order to prevent people from having a heart attack after the whole process has completed it will actually prompt them saying that it was just an April Fools joke…that way the person won’t hate you forever.

That definitely wasn’t the best prank that I found. They also have a Vista Upgrade Advisor prank (Download Mirror) that runs on a user’s computer and pretends as though the program is upgrading the user’s to Windows Vista Ultimate. The process takes just a few minutes and when it is all complete it makes the user think that it is actually booting up Vista which then results in a screen that looks exactly like the Mac OS X. Here are a bunch of screenshots that I took, but I wasn’t able to grab a screenshot of the Mac OS X clone because it did too good of a job keeping it on full screen:

Vista April Fools Vista April Fools Vista April Fools Vista April Fools Vista April Fools Vista April Fools

Hopefully you’ll find some great pranks at RJL Software to do to your friends. They have quite a selection and all of the ones that I tried are a single executable files that don’t require any installation. So try them out and see which one you like the best.

Also, if you have some more great April Fools pranks let us know in the comments below. :)