Looking for that great all-in-one instant messaging client? For most people the free Gaim instant messenger is plenty good enough but Trillian gives that extra boost for the instant messenger power users. :D

Trillian Astra While Trillian Pro may not be free there is a basic version that you can use at no cost. Many Trillian users, however, feel that it is worth the $25 to get the best version available.

Coming up though is a new version called Trillian Astra. It has a completely new look and a ton of new features. Here are some of the ones that I thought were worth highlighting:

  • You now have the options of dragging images in, copying them from another source and pasting them in, or inserting them manually via a special menu.
  • Think giving out a bunch of URLs is boring? Widgets to the rescue. Use the Flickr widget to show off your photos visually, or let everyone know what you’re listening to with the Now Playing widget. If you’re feeling sad, use the Mood widget to attract some sympathy from your friends.
  • When talking to another Trillian Astra user, you have the option of seeing smaller versions of their chosen widgets directly in the chat window. For example, you might export a clock widget so your contacts always know what time it is in your neck of the woods while you’re chatting, or you might just enjoy showing off the music you’re currently listening to to your friends in real-time.
  • Trumping about every other feature request we’ve received lately was the constant demand for MySpace IM compatibility. So here it is – basic IM and list management, avatars, emoticons and formatted text are all supported. We’ll continue to adapt this as the MySpace IM network grows. We’ve also created a new plugin specifically for Google Talk, breaking it apart from Jabber.

Trillian Astra Contact List There are many more new things that are available but I just wanted to point out a few of them. I don’t use Trillian because I don’t really have a need to connect to another messenger network besides for Google Talk. On the rare occasion that I do need to use another network I’ll just hop onto Meebo so that I don’t have to install anything on my machine. Meebo is priceless simply because they help keep my PC clear of unwanted software.

Trillian Astra isn’t available to the public at this point but hopefully they will make a Beta version available soon so that everyone can review it for themselves. This short video that they provide walks you through some of the new features that you should expect to see in the final release which is long overdue. Trillian 3 has been out way too long without many updates.

News Source: Neowin Forums