Show me whats wrong

Don’t you hate when someone is trying to explain a computer problem they are having and you aren’t able to see exactly what’s on their screen? It’s especially painful when the person you’re trying to help doesn’t know much about computers. Online screencast utilities have been trying to help with that, and one of them even set up a special site to help in these kinds of situations.

The people behind have put together a super-simple site called for tackling the daunting task of helping someone with their computer problem. When you visit the site you just have to put in your name and email address, and after that it will provide a URL that you can share with someone. When they visit that URL they will see a button to start recording their screen, and after they finish the recording it will automatically be uploaded and then you’ll be notified.

I know some of you will say that in situations like this you should be using TeamViewer or something similar where you can actually control the person’s machine if needed. The thing about this site is that it is convenient for both people. They can record their issue when they have time, and you can review it when you have time… which beats having to try and coordinate an online meeting. Homepage