Tethered Wireless Modem Lifehacker found a really cool program called WMWifiRouter that will let you transform a Windows Mobile Device into a wireless router with little configuration! With that you would be able to create a ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection to the device so that it can be used as a modem. It’s a simple solution to get wireless Internet on your laptop without purchasing additional hardware or data plans.

The developer has put together a small tutorial on how to get WMWifiRouter installed and running, and it seems pretty straight forward. Here’s a list of the requirements for successfully using the free application:

  • Windows Mobile 5 – SmartPhone Edition or PocketPC (with phone functionality) Edition OR
  • Windows Mobile 6 – Standard or Professional (NOT Classic!)
  • A WiFi connection on your device
  • A (cellular) data connection on your device
  • Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) installed (and working) on your device

Once you have everything working it should become an effortless process each time you need to use WMWifiRouter. In most cases you can even turn off the screen on your device and the app will continue chugging away, thereby conserving some precious power.

Warning: Be careful with how much you use your data plan, because we all know how strict the service providers are on excessive use.

WMWifiRouter Homepage
WMWifiRouter Instructions
[via Lifehacker]