Counterfeit Pirated Software

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has decided that they want to try and catch software pirates red handed. If you purchased software from on an online auction site, such as eBay, you might be eligible for a $500 reward if the software is pirated! Here’s how it works:

This campaign will run from December 13, 2007 to January 30, 2008.  The Program generally works as follows: The first 100 individuals who inadvertently purchase counterfeit software on an auction site, complete an application to participate in the “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even” program, submit the application to SIIA by no later than 5 pm EST January 30, 2008 and satisfy all the eligibility requirements necessary to participate in the program, will be eligible to receive up to $500 from SIIA.  The payment is intended to help the buyer purchase  a legitimate copy of the software.

The software you purchased has to be from a company that the SIIA has partnered with, which rules out all Microsoft software. The list does include companies like Adobe, Apple, Intuit, McAfee, Nero, and Symantec to name a few. Now’s the time to try and spot the counterfeit software on eBay, and purposely buy a copy…it could make you $500 richer!

This is good news for all of you selling software out of the trunk of your car! Since this only applies to online software sales you don’t have to worry about the SIIA trying to hunt you down. A bulk of their efforts will be focused on online piracy.

By the way, you can see my little shop above located next to my jewelry stand. Let me know if there’s any software that interests you. It’s a mobile business because every now and then we have to outrun the cops deliver some software, but that means we can come to you!

In case you’re not familiar with our humorous attitude here on the site, that is not really my software stand. Mine is much nicer and our software is a lot newer. Plus we’re not located next to a jewelry stand, instead we share a space with someone who sells stolen well-priced car stereos. ;)

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