I’m not a huge fan of Java-based apps, but IOGraph is actually kinda cool. There isn’t any real purpose to the app… it is really just for your own amusement.

Once you fire up IOGraph all you have to do is hit the play button to have it start recording your mouse movements. As your mouse strolls across the screen the path will be saved as lines, and anytime your mouse comes to a rest it will create a black circle. The longer you leave your mouse sit in the same spot, such as when you’re typing, the larger the black circle will be.

After you’re all done you can choose to overlay the pattern on to a screenshot of your desktop… which could be ery interesting if you remain within the same app during the entire duration of the recording. You can then save your output, with or without the background, as a PNG image.

IOGraph Homepage (Windows/Mac/Linux; Freeware)
[via ShellCity]