Tutorial On Building Your Own DVR

Lifehacker has brought another useful guide and this time it is on how to build your own Digital Video Recorder (DVR). While Tivo and ReplayTV are popular solutions and already come built for you, the do not offer the customization that building your own would provide.

Of course, they make recommendations for the hardware and software that you will need. For the hardware they recommend the Hauppauge PVR-150 and for the software side they offer many alternatives. For Linux users the options are no-cost solutions but Windows users aren’t quite that lucky (well, there is one option but not that impressive to me). Here is the list of software that they say is the most popular: SageTV (Windows and Linux, $80), MythTV (Linux, free), GB-PVR (Windows, free), BeyondTV (Windows, $70), and Freevo (Linux, free). They ended up going with SageTV for their choice because of the easy setup process.

If you are looking at throwing together your own DVR then make sure you check out this article. They definitely have some good insight as to what you will need to purchase and what you should purchase. Also, they have some nice screenshots of the SageTV software being used. Nice job Lifehacker!

Complete Lifehacker Guide On Building A DVR