Bryan sent me an email wondering how he could get a PowerPC friendly Linux distro running on the new PlayStation 3. Unfortunately (or fortunately because of the horrendous price) I don’t have a PlayStation 3 to try to figure it out but people are getting Fedora Linux on it without too much trouble.

Here is a video of Fedora running on the PS3 that I just found on Engadget:


It took a little extra searching to find a good tutorial but seems to have things laid out nicely. The hack will take around 2 hours to complete and these are the things that you will need to do it:

  • PS3 (updated to 1.10)
  • A copy of Fedora Core 5 DVD ONLY(PPC Edition)
    Get it Here (this is the japanese server, you may wish to find a closer server. and remember you want build 5 for PPC)
  • PS3 Linux Addon cd. Get it Here
  • Sony’s “Other Os installer”. Get it Here
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • Some kind of USB storage drive
  • Plenty of spare time (this does take around 2 hours)

Despite the very low resolution on the television screen this does appear to be very cool. For those a little worried about doing the hack the article does say that “partitioning of the drive and even the whole installation is completely safe and 100% reversible.” Hopefully that is a little reassurance that you won’t brick your game system while trying this. :)