Tweak Firefox's Password Saver Without An Extension

I was recently using Firefox and came across another site that I couldn’t store my password for. I got a little frustrated and said to myself “there has to be a way to fix that”. So I then started to search Google for ways to force Firefox to remember my passwords on more sites.

I finally came across a bookmarklet that would remove the autocomplete=”off” from the form fields on the page. It worked on all of the sites that I wanted it to, my bank account, email accounts, etc…! It was so great that I thought I better share with you the 10 second process of setting this up (without needing to install an extension to do it).

  1. Bookmark this link: Password Saver. To bookmark the link just right-click on it and select “Bookmark This Link…”.
  2. The next time you find a site that won’t remember your password just click on the bookmark. It will then remove all instances of autocomplete=”off”.
  3. Type your username and password into the site and press submit.
  4. That’s all! You should now be prompted to let Firefox remember your password.

Unfortunately this does not work on every site, but it has worked on all that I have tried. The most popular sites that this is used for are Hotmail and Yahoo. This one definitely earns its place in my bookmark toolbar.