Tweak Firefox's Performance Using FireTune

We all want to get the best performance out of our browser so that we have a great experience. That is one thing that has helped make the Firefox extension FasterFox such a hit. With just a few clicks you could have the most optimized version of Firefox possible but that is generally speaking. FasterFox has various optimization settings but none of them take into consideration your Internet connection. What you need is something a little more customized. FireTune is exactly that. It will optimize Firefox based upon your computer speed and internet connection speed. It has a built-in backup feature so that you can restore your settings just the way they were. It is not a Firefox extension which some people will like and others won’t but I like it because I can run the program, optimize Firefox, and close it without having to worry about leaving an extension running when it isn’t necessary. I am kind of a minimalist when it comes to extensions ever since a few months ago when I found out how many actually have memory leaks. FireTune is also free and will work on any of the Firefox 1.x installations. You can install the software on any machine running Windows 98 all the way up to Vista. Come on, supercharge your Fox!