Os x tweak

I remember back in the early days of Windows Microsoft had released the Tweak UI app that would let you customize a lot of settings that users typically couldn’t change without digging into the registry. The Windows XP version of the tool was the last consumer version to see the light of day, but other developers picked up the ropes and started making similar apps to ease the pain of tweaking these buried settings.

Developers have also done the same thing for OS X, and TinkerTool is one of the great alternatives that has over 75 different tweaks for OS X Lion. With it you can do things like disable the Dashboard if you never use the widgets, set the default system-wide fonts, manage the items that start when you login, and much more. You can view a full list of what can be configured in Lion on this page.

There is also a section where you can manage which apps can use the window restore feature we covered a few weeks ago. Instead of using a dedicated app to manage those settings you can just grab TinkerTool and it will cover that as well.

TinkerTool Homepage (Mac only; Freeware)