Launchy is becoming a well-known application among PC power users. When the latest version launched back in April it included a plugin called Runny which added a whole new aspect to the application. I love that plugin because you can create customized commands for Launchy, such as one for composing an email.

There are some other great plugins available as well, like one which makes use of the Google Calculator (screenshot). One thing that I would have never guessed was how useful Twitter could be when it comes to interacting with other services.

Lifehacker put together a great guide that shows how you can setup Launchy to do things like:

  • Add a task to Remember the Milk
  • Schedule an event on Google Calendar
  • Send SMS reminders
  • Append text to the end of files
  • Change your status on Twitter

In order to do any of that you’ll need to have cURL setup on your PC, and you’ll also want to have a Twitter account handy. Then all you’ll need to do is follow Adam’s instructions on using some of the scripts he made to do the different tasks mentioned above.

This is just another thing that makes Launchy a powerful application that can surely save you some time. I just had no idea how instrumental Twitter could be in adding more functionality to Launchy. Who would have thought that Twitter could actually make you more productive. :)