Heat Map & WPM

Have you ever wondered what your mouse and keyboard are doing all day? Now you won’t have to wonder with these two great apps from App-A-Day!

The first program is called Heat Map and it will keep track of where your mouse wanders off to over the course of time. There isn’t anything else to the program other than that…plain, simple, and to the point!

The second program is called Words Per Minute and it will count the number of words you type each minute. I was wondering how it constituted a word and the post says that it looks for a space, tab or a return character. The graph is a special addition that the developer added at the last minute so that it is easy to see your typing pattern.

If you haven’t checked out the App-A-Day site then you should definitely head over there. They release a new open-source application each day that are small apps which are often pretty cool…and sometimes even useful. :)