It seems inevitable that PC’s easily get full of clutter and junk whether it be from the user or from applications that don’t properly install/uninstall themselves. I reformat my computer every two months or so just to keep things tidy and running quickly but it doesn’t hurt to do some maintenance from time to time.


CCleaner is one of those great apps that will help clear some space by removing unnecessary files. It cleans up after a ton of applications like Microsoft Office and WinRAR but it also goes digging deep into the registry to find places where it can do a little housekeeping. Another benefit is that CCleaner works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera adding the ability to remove temporary Internet files, URL history, and cookies.

WinPatrol After you get CCleaner up and running then you should head over and download WinPatrol. It gives you full control over what happens to your computer. You’ll find it constantly monitoring for adware, keyloggers, spyware, and much more.

WinPatrol also prompts you when applications try to do things like add startup programs without your consent. By using WinPatrol you are sure to catch problems before they start to arise.

Thanks for the tip Pete!