Google Reader Toolkit Google Reader is undoubtedly my favorite online RSS feed reader but I am still in awe that Google hasn’t made a notifier for it and their Calendar. Of course a Firefox extension, called the Google Reader Toolkit, has finally popped up that will notify you when there are unread items in your Reader. It isn’t quite as extensive as I would have liked to see (a listing of the new items in a slider window would be nice) but I guess I can’t really complain when it is free. If you do decide to use this extension it is important for you to know that it is not compatible with the Gmail Manager Firefox extension.

Google Reader Greasemonkey The other tool that I have for you is a Greasemonkey script that will pull up the actual website in Google Reader instead of showing the text from the feed. This can be especially useful if you have a lot of sites in your Reader that do not supply the full feed. To use this you’ll have to be viewing Google Reader in the “List View” and not the expanded view. This makes sense because if you used this in the expanded view it would take forever to load all of the feed items. It would be cool if this script didn’t actually replace the feed content and instead offered a link that you could click to open the site within the current view, but it is great nonetheless.

I hope more and more people continue to develop tools that make Google Reader even more useful and most of all I would love to see synchronization capabilities for RSS desktop software. That kind of stuff probably won’t start to become prominent until more people realize what feeds actually are but it looks like the world is slowly warming up to the idea.