We just wanted to take a minute to point out two new features at CyberNet News. Our CyberNotes feature was started a good month and a half ago and now we’re ready to add a couple more features: CyberWare and CyberDays.


CyberWare will be our chance to feature all kinds of freeware, and once in a while we’ll throw in some shareware in case you have a few bucks you’re itchin’ to spend. If you’ve got any new software that you’ve released or that you’re planning to release, or if you’ve stumbled upon it yourself while searching the net whether it be freeware, shareware, etc. let us know by sending us a tip or an email to tech@cybernetnews.com We’d like to share your finds with our readers.


Next, our CyberDays feature will take you back to look at the very beginnings of some of the technologies and software we use and enjoy today. It’ll be the same style as our recent article, A Look Back At Firefox (Phoenix) 0.1. Sometimes it’s fun to go back and look at how far we’ve come! Unlike CyberNotes, CyberWare and CyberDays won’t be on a set schedule. As we get tips or come across interesting stuff that fit into either of these features, we’ll write about it. Keep your eyes posted and send us a tip if you come across a great find. Finally, a big THANKS to all of our readers! CyberNet News has been up for just over 7 months and so far it’s been a great ride thanks to you!