We’ve mentioned UTube before, not to be confused with YouTube, the popular video site.  Last November, the Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation (UTube.com) decided that they were going to sue YouTube. They went from getting 1,500 visitors per month to over 2 million once the video site gained popularity. Some might view this as the perfect opportunity to make some extra money off of someone’s mistake, but UTube owners filed a lawsuit stating that they wanted YouTube to stop using the domain, or reimburse them for a new corporate identity.

Now if you were UTube and you started receiving all of that traffic, you’d think that they would realize the potential that’s there and work to make money off of the domain for the long haul, instead of making money via a lawsuit.


Eventually they caught on to that idea because in December, UTube threw up a sponsored search box , some links to monetize the site, and pushed the original content of the site down the page.

Fast forward to now, and UTube is making a decent profit. According to Red Herring, UTube is making an estimated $1,000 per day off of the ring-tone search engine that is certain to attract some of the YouTube seeking users who make the mistake of entering UTube.com into their browser’s address bar.

While their bandwidth costs undoubtedly went up as a result of YouTube’s popularity, an extra $30,000 per month should certainly cover it, and give them some leftover money – yet they’re still suing.

I’d have to imagine that this is the easiest money that corporation has ever made, and I think it’s about time they drop their suit.