Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft

Most of us that are using Ubuntu are just getting used to version 6.06 that was released a few months ago. Well, you can start preparing for Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) which is scheduled for an October 2006 release. So what can you expect to see new in this release?

You can find a nice list of goodies that are already in the Alpha 2 build by checking out this site. One of the cool things that it will have is the F-Spot photo software pictured above. Not only can you tag and edit your images using the software but you can also upload them to sites like Flickr. Looking at the screenshot reminds me a lot of a stripped down version of Google’s Picasa photo software.

I have also posted a video below which was a presentation of Ubuntu Edgy Eft in action. Unfortunately the screen is not very readable but they do go over several of the new features (and yes, it is a 40-minute movie). There is one thing that really struck me as impressive towards the end of the video (36 minutes into it). Ubuntu will now work with your iPod and it will even recognize what color it is in order to display the proper image on the system. Sure the eye candy is nice but it will also let you drag songs off of the iPod onto the computer or, *gasp*, you can hook up multiple iPods to the computer and copy songs from one to another!


It looks like the Ubuntu team will be releasing another quality build later this year but I wonder if any of these Linux distributions are planning anything special to launch around the time Vista does? Maybe we will start to see some one-click installs for XGL? That would be awesome!