It was big news when Ubuntu 7.04 was released, and immediately after that milestone work on Ubuntu 7.10 began (codenamed Gutsy Gibbon). This version, slated for release in October 2007, promises to bring many improvements to the user experience by including many more device drivers, improving the codec searching process, and cleaning up the boot-up process.

Besides for those features there is one thing that I am super excited to see implemented, and that’s a user interface (UI) for managing dual monitors. Everyday I hook my laptop up to a 24" external monitor so that I can get a dual-screen setup. In Ubuntu I have never been able to get both monitors to simultaneously, which is done by editing some files. Hopefully a UI will be the answer to my problems!

Ubuntu Multi Monitor

Not only is it easy to configure the monitor setup, but you can also choose from multiple profiles at the top. This would let you configure different settings for home or work, and then it would take a few clicks to switch between the two different locations.

I have heard that NVidia’s drivers already make it easy to configure multiple monitors on your computer, but all of my computers have ATI or Intel graphics cards in them.

At this time they only plan to support up to two screens, so people with more than two monitors might still have a tough time. And if this is you, all I can say is good luck:

Multi monitor

Here is the current guide for setting up multiple monitors on Ubuntu.

Source: Ubuntu Mailing List [via Ubuntu 7.10 Features and Digg]